I tried to involve into the discussion of GITS concept different international organization but without any success.
I have started from UNIDO and UNECE going down to OECD, ERTICO-ITS Europe, ERTRAC, European Commission Research and Innovation Transport. I tried to interest national transport organizations like US DOT, VINNOVA, INRETS, BMVBS, EPFL, ECTRI.
I had no success either.
I had a hope to get any support from GREENPEACE but I think now that this organization is interested in action protests only.
Other scientists? Why not? I enclose two reviews I got from two special magazines. Both reviews are negative but that is all I have this time.


I suppose that nations have to review the activity of United Nations Organization. My experience shows that it is inefficient and too bureaucratic. This Organization is afraid to be an initiator regarding the global problems.
Read the GITS Forum for more details.

2011 Global Intelligent Transportation System